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Let's get started! Some rules.

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Ok, now we have new section. So we\'ll have here some sub-sections, like \"Selling\" and so on.
So, please write down comments & topics only in english and russian.

Any comments about rules and sub-section are welcome.

Enjoy! :)

At first - we need righ and clear description in all possible languages how to make an registratuion and how to use Forum. \"Function\" descriptions and short \"user\" manual could be useful also.

As I understand - this model is just for temporary use? In this case our started job could be very poor....

There are possibility to use 3 languages:

Lithuanian, English, Russian.

Each language could be chosen when the new user registers. Short manual how to use this discussion board is located in top links of the site, known as D.U.K. [lithuanian], F.A.Q [english] and somehow in russian.

Registration form will be provided in all 3 languages. There is possibility to add more languages. Do we need Estonian?

As was described in other topic, new version of our site is coming soon. There will be more possibilities which will be included.

So, keep on going with your own suggestions. :)

in my opinion this is ok, russian and english languages will be enough.
have to do marketing now! :) will the url for the Pan-Baltic be this one/

yes, of course :)


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